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  • Zvaigžņu 1, Talsi, LV-3201, Talsu nov.

    +371 63291113
    Central heating system emplacement, Central heating systems, Ground heating, Ground heating , Ground heating pumps, Heating automatics suppliances, Heating installations, Heating pump maintenance and repair, Heating pumps, Heating regulators, Heating system buildout, Heating system elements, Heating system repairing, Heating systems, Heating systems design, Heating systems installation, Heating systems service, Sanitary technical works, Saules paneli, Sun batteries, Sun heating apparatus, Ventilation appliance emplacement, Ventilation appliances, Ventilation engineering, Ventilation equipment, Ventilation supplies, Ventilation system maintenance, Ventilation systems, Ventilation warmth pumps, Ventilation works, Warmth suppliying engineering, Water and sewerage outer network making, Water supply and sewerage
  • Graudu 29A, Rīga, LV-1058

    +371 27711344
    Fire alarm signalisation engineering, Fire alarms, Fire-extinguisher maintenance, Fire-extingusiher control, Work safety
  • Maskavas 227, Rīga, LV-1019

    +371 29207851
    Boilerhouse construction, Heating meters, Heating meters verification, Heating station maintenance, Heating stations, Heating system buildout, Heating system repairing, Heating systems, Heating systems installation, Sewer construction, Sewerage construction, Sewerage systems, Sewerage works, Warmth supplying, Warmth utility line building, Water and sewerage inner network making, Water meter emplacement, Water supply and sewerage
  • Vālodzes, Klīves, LV-2107, Babītes pag., Babītes nov.

    +371 67247977
    Asphalt spreaders, BOBCAT rent, Building appliances, Bulding appliances renting, Car sale, Compact loader rental, Construction engineering, Construction machine renting, Construction vehicle and machine selling, Construction vehicles and machines, Dumper rental, Dumper trucks, Fifth wheel tractor, Forest hoisting machines, Forest technology, Forklift rental, Frontal loader rental, Frontal loaders, Heavy machinery, Machinery and equipments, Mini excavator - loader rental, Mini loaders, Mini-van selling, Miniexcavator rental, Telescope loaders, Telescope-loader rental, Tractors, Trailers and semi - trailers, Truck selling, Trucks
  • Vējkalni, LV-3129, Smārdes pag., Engures nov.

    +371 26079998
    Area improvement, Burnishing engineering, Burnishing maintenance, Consultation on green areas, Founding of burnishing, Garden engineering, Gardening; horticulture, Green area works, Hedge planting, Hedge trimming, Icicle removing, Landscape gardening, Landscape gardening projects, Lawn establishing, Lawns, Maintenance work, Maintenatnce on gardens, Nursery establishing, Outer landscaping, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Snow cleaning, Snow towing, Styling of gardens, Tree cutting, Tree design cutting, Tree planting, Upkeeping of green areas
  • Sliežu 6, Rīga, LV-1005

    +371 26067676
    Chemical water purifying appliances, Compressors, Environment friendly water purifying appliances, Pumping plants, Pumping stations, Septics, Sewerage cleaning system, Sewerage systems, Waste water pumping plants, Wastewater treatment systems, Water and sewerage outer network making, Water supply and sewerage, Water vessels
  • Ziedu Gravas, LV-2167, Mārupes nov.

    +371 67703513
  • Visa Latvija

    +371 28663406
    Air-air warmth pumps, Air-water heat pumps, Conditioner systems, Conditioners, Frost appliances, Heating installations, Heating pumps, Heating systems, Hot air pumps, Saules paneli, Sun batteries, Warmth energetics apparatus
  • Vangas , Birži, LV-5214, Salas pag., Salas nov.

    +371 29710129
    Candleholder, Crubstones, Fireplace, Granite handling, Gravestones, Natural stone shaping, Sculptures, Stairs, Stone, Stone machining, Stone vases, Tabletops , Vases, tile work
  • Andrupenes 57, Malta, LV-4630, Maltas pag., Rēzeknes nov.

    +371 64621854
    Apartement repairing, Building and reconstruction works, Building company, Building insulation, Building of private houses, Building renovating, Building work, Concreteworks, Construction of industrial buildings, Demolition services, Facade heat engineering, Facade reconstruction, Facade reparations, Facade works, General constructing, House building, Indoor repairing works, Insulationworks, Interior refinement
  • Rīga

    +371 26819414
    Building container rental, Building refuse cleaning, Compact loader rental, Container trucking, Derbis container rental, Derbis exportation, Dirt selling, Excavator works, Excavators, Flintstone transport, Flintstonse selling, Forklift rental, Gravel transportation, Grvelflitstone selling, Loader excavators, Sand transpotation, Telescope loaders, Telescope-loader rental, Transportation service, Trash container rental, Trash containers, Wheel loader rental
  • Tērauda 3 , Liepāja, LV-3401

    +371 63424660
    Burnishing maintenance, Consultation on green areas, Founding of burnishing, Garbage cleaning from the streets, Green area works, Landscape maintenance, Lawn mowing, Maintenance work, Municipal services, Out door cleaning, Outer landscaping, Outer territory maintenance, Property management services, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Public servicing, Road maintenance works, Snow cleaning, Timber deforestation works, Tree cutting, Tree design cutting, Upkeeping of green areas, Windshield wiper services, roads, sites
  • Atvari , LV-4013, Vidrižu pag., Limbažu nov.

    +371 64070974
    Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Finishing materials, Floor coverings for sale, Floors, Massiftimber parquete, Mosaic parquete, Parquet, Parquet floor emplacement, Parquet selling, Parquet undercoating, Parquet works, Plank parquettes, Strip parquet, Woden parquet
  • Starta 7, Rīga, LV-1026

    +371 29243457
    Building geodesy, Constructional geological studies, Drilled well repairing, Drilled wells, Groundwater and soil pollution researches, Gullies well drilling, Horizontal drilling, Topographical works, Water supply and sewerage, Water supply and sewerage system construction, Water supply and sewerage systems design, Water supply and sewerpipe renovation, Water supply systems
  • Ēdoles iela 5, Rīga, LV-1055

    +371 22443221
    Building and repairing materials, Building material selling, Building material wholesale trade, Building materials, Catering company apparatus and supplies, Catering company equipment, Fireplace supplies, Gardening tools, Gardening; horticulture, Greenhouses, Home goods, Household goods, Internet selling, Ladders, Ore moulding products, Sauna stove, Small home appliances, Sporting goods, Stairs, Swimming pools, Wood handling equipmence, Working clothes