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  • Granīta 17, Rumbula, LV-2119, Stopiņu nov.

    +371 67100822
    Webpage: http://www.antalis.lv/
    Advertising materials, Carton, Copy works, Digital printing substances, Hygene supplies, Office paper, Packaging, Packing, Packing apparatus, Packing materials, Paper goods, Printing equipment and materials, Softening foil, Tapes, Towel holders
  • Deksnes 9, Deksne, LV-3321, Padures pag., Kuldīgas nov.

    +371 63348131
    Webpage: http://www.amazone.lv
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural machinery reserve parts, Agricultural technology, Dirt milling machines, Dirt sifting machines, Dirt work machines, Farm equipment, Grain driers, Grain dryers, Grain usage machines, Grass cutter; lawn mower, Harvesters, Mowers, Tractor repair, Tractor reserve parts, Tractors
  • Viskaļu 11, Rīga, LV-1026

    +371 29409828
    Webpage: http://www.forcefix.lv
    Abrasive, Bolts; cap screws, Fastening elements, Lubricants, Nails, Screws
  • Tīraines 9, Rīga, LV-1058

    +371 67788444
    Webpage: http://www.winkler.lv
  • Briņģu 2, Rīga, LV-1058

    +371 26370002
    Webpage: http://www.faraons.lv
    Alarm appliances, Bodyguard, Burglar alarm and surveillance apparatus, Fire alarm signalisation engineering, Fire alarms, Home surveillance, Manned surveillance, Security service, Surveillance alarm emplacement and maintenance, Surveillance alarms, Surveillance system emplacement, Surveillance system engineering, Surveillance system maintenance, Surveillance systems, Technical surveillance, Video surveillance supplies
  • Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 40 , Rīga, LV-1026

    +371 67501616
    Webpage: http://www.rolandsmoisejs.lv
    Abrasion benches, Bending presses, Desktops, Drilling benches, Forming works, Guillotine shears, Laser cutting, Laser cutting benches, Laser surgery, Metal refining apparatus, Metal rehashing, Milling machine, Plastic cutting apparatus, Saw benches, Welding appliances
  • Katlakalna 9, Rīga, LV-1035

    +371 67686414
    Webpage: http://www.inkomercsk.lv
    Apparatus for big kitchens, Bar equipment, Beverage automat, Cash register systems, Cash register tables, Catering company apparatus and supplies, Catering company equipment, Coffee automats, Coffee maker selling, Coffee makers, Commercial cooling appliances, Commercial equipment, Confectionery counters; patisserie counters, Counter tables, Dishwashing apparatus, Food industry machinery and equipments, Food store equipping, Freezing apparatus, Frost appliance selling, Frost appliances, Frost counter tables, Furnishings of pubs, Hot counter tables, Hot drink automates, Industrial washing mashines, Kitchen apparatus, Kitchen furnishings, Machinery and equipments, Meat Industry Equipment, Metal shelves, Professional kitchen design, Refrigerating plants, Restaurant apparatus, Restaurant equipping, Restaurant supplies, Selling stands, Service- and trading technology, Shelves, Shop iterior, Show cases, Show cases, Store appliances, Warehouse furnishings, Warehouse technology, Wrehouse shelves
  • Rīgas 105, Ķekava, LV-2123, Ķekavas nov.

    +371 26514902
    Webpage: http://www.autex.lv/
    Air filters, Building appliances, Car reserve parts, Construction vehicles and machines, Diesel engine repair, Diesel engines, Engine maintenance, Engines; motors, Fuel filters, Generators, Machinery and equipments, Motor diagnostics, Oil filters, Sprayers, Water supply and sewerage, Welding appliances
  • Nautrēnu 12, Rīga, LV-1079

    +371 67550725
    Webpage: http://www.merida.lv
    Bathroom accessories, Bathroom supplies, Cleaning agents for hotels, Cleaning apparatus, Cleaning cloth, Cleaning products, Cleaning supplies, Cleaning supplies, Commerce, Dishwashing liquids, Disinfectionsupplies, Floorwash chemistry, Floorwashing liquids, Household goods, Hygene supplies, Hygene suppliy selling, Liquid soap dosators, Liquid soaps, Purifiers for large kitchens, Soaps, Toilet paper sale, Towel holders, Trash bags, Utility chemistry, Vaum cleanres, Washing agents wor food industries, Washing facilities
  • Ganību dambis 30m, Rīga, LV-1005

    +371 67381822
    Webpage: http://www.ltcbaltija.lv
    Caldrons, Candleholder, Candles, Cleaning cloth, Cleaning supplies, Coathangers; dresshangers, Commerce, Dishware, Door mat, E-shops, Fabrics, Gardening tools, Gift bags, Hand driers, Household appliance wholesale, Household appliances, Household goods, Hydraulic shovels, Hygene supplies, Internet selling, Kitchen supplies, Libra, Pans, Plastic materials, Plastic office supplies, Plastic products, Rubber boots, Scented cndles, Shopping baskets, Sprayers, Table clothes, Tableware, Throaway dishes, Trash bags, Utensils, Utility chemistry, Vacuum bottles; thermoses, Vases, Watches, Wholesale trade, Working gloves
  • Uriekstes 3, Rīga, LV-1005

    +371 67097948
    Webpage: http://www.hidrobaltlatvija.lv
    Adapters, Belts, Cartload belts, Electric motors, Fire hose, Fittings, Frequency transformers, Hoses, Hub sealings, Hydraulics appliances and tackles, Hydro hosepipes, Pneumatic apparatus and supplies, Reducers, Rubber hose, Safety valve, Smoke effluent systems, Special lubes, Tubes, Ventilation appliances, Ventilation equipment, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation systems
  • Tauriņi, Ādaži, LV-2164, Ādažu nov.

    +371 67997589
    Webpage: http://www.keramserviss.lv
    Boilerhouse maintenance, Boilerhouse repairing, Ceramic articles on special ordering, Concreteworks, Fireguard isolation, Frost - isolation works, Heating installations, Hot press, Isolation materials, Machine building, Metal rehashing, Ovens, Thermo profiles, Сalibration
  • Jūrmalas 13c , Piņķi, LV-2107, Babītes pag., Babītes nov.

    +371 67913161
    Webpage: http://www.dotnuvabaltic.lv
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural machinery reserve parts, Agricultural technology, Agricultural tyres, Cultivators, Dirt sifting machines, Dirt work machines, Feeding apparatus, Frontal loaders, Garden tracktors, Grain driers, Grain dryers, Grain sale, Grain seeds, Grain usage machines, Grain warehouses, Grass seeds, Harvesters, Lawn tractors, Milk coolers, Milking equpment, Mowers, Seeds, Tractor reserve parts, Tractors, Vegetable seeds
  • Atmodas iela 19, Jelgava, LV-3007

    +371 29988136
    Webpage: http://www.macrotech.lv
    ., Conveyor bands, Electric motors, Filter nets, Industrial apparatus emplacement, Industrial apparatus repair and maintenance, Machinery and equipments, Manufacturing conveyers, Metal rehashing, Reducers, Rubber products, Transporter chains
  • Aviācijas 18, Jelgava, LV-3004

    +371 28195085
    Webpage: http://www.latserviss.com
    Abrasion benches, Air cleaners, Chimney pipes, Electric motors, Filter materials, Filters, Frequency regulators, Frequency transformers, Heating pipes, Industrial ventilation apparatus, Reducer engines, Reducers, Smoke effluent systems, Smoke pipes, Tubes, Ventilation appliances, Ventilation equipment, Ventilation filters, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation systems