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  • Atmodas 19, Jelgava, LV-3007

    +371 26305153
    Agricultural services, Agricultural technology, Agriculture, Animal scales, Dirt work machines, Dirt works, Laboratory, Sprayers
  • Baložu 2, Lubāna, LV-4830, Lubānas nov.

    +371 28621865
    Agricultural goods, Agricultural services, Animal farms, Beef cattle breeding, Breeding bovid, Livestock breeding, Meat products, Meat selling, Organic farming
  • Atmodas 26, Aizpute, LV-3456, Aizputes nov.

    +371 63449079
    Agricultural services, Agriculture, Baby goods, Bricks, Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Building company, Car maintenance and repair, Car service, Carriage services, Carservices, Children´s clothes, Chimneys, Deforestation services, Deforestation works, Doors, Dumper rental, Electrical installation works, Excavator works, Excavators, Finishing works, Fish breeding, Forest plants, General constructing, General construction materials, Harvesting machinery, Heating systems, Household goods, Hydraulic shovel rental, Locks, Men´s clothing, Micro vans, Mini excavator - loader rental, Miniexcavator rental, Pack buses, Road construction machinery services, Roofs, Sanitary ware, Saws, Screws, Small home appliances, Stock growing , Strips, Tent trailers, Tiber exporting, Timber material, Tractors, Trailer carriage, Transport, Transportation service, Truck maintenance and repair, Trucks, Tyre selling, Water supply and sewerage, Wheel loader rental, Work footwear, Working clothes
  • Škiņči , LV-4642, Stoļerovas pag., Rēzeknes nov.

    +371 26405203
    Agricultural producers, Agricultural services, Grain seeds, Livestock breeding, Organic farming, Plants and industrial crops, Seeds, Young plants
  • Gravas, Jaunanna, LV-4340, Jaunannas pag., Alūksnes nov.

    +371 26583155
    Agricultural services, Arboretums; forest schools, Grain dryers, Grain growing, Grain seeds, Grain warehouses, Ornamental bushes, Ornamental plants, Ornamental trees, Plants and industrial crops, Young plant selling, Young plants
  • Lietuvas 16a, Eleja, LV-3023, Elejas pag., Jelgavas nov.

    +371 63025898
    Agricultural services
  • Rīgas 4, Lejasciems, LV-4412, Gulbenes nov.

    +371 64472105
    Agricultural services
  • Mehāniskās darbnīcas, Kaķenieki, LV-3718, Annenieku pag., Dobeles nov.

    +371 63754920
    Agricultural services
  • Darbnīcas, LV-3732, Bērzes pag., Dobeles nov.

    +371 63722596
    Agricultural services
  • Rītausmas, LV-3914, Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov.

    +371 63923246
    Agricultural services
  • Gravāni 3, LV-5230, Salas pag., Salas nov.

    +371 65263535
    Agricultural services
  • Dispečeri , Jumprava, LV-5022, Jumpravas pag., Lielvārdes nov.

    +371 26187861
    Agricultural services
  • Rūpniecības 1, Ludza, LV-5701, Ludzas nov.

    +371 65723045
    Agricultural services
  • Dārza 11, Alūksne, LV-4301

    +371 64307013
    Agricultural services
  • Brīvības iela 46a, Balvi, LV-4501

    +371 64507250
    Agricultural services