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Address:Viskaļu 11, Rīga, LV-1026
Phone: +371 29409828
+371 67551455
E-mail: info@forcefix.lv
Open hours:
  • Mon 830-1800
  • Tue 830-1800
  • Wed 830-1800
  • Thu 830-1800
  • Fri 830-1800
  • Sat -
  • Sun -

Our team consists of experienced professionals in their field, who have gained their experience in several international companies and they are ready demonstrate to you the benefits of our products. Our assortment includes: Screws, bolt-screws, washers, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, nails, roof screws, stainless steel screws, hot-dip galvanized fasteners, gypsum board screws and screws for wood, dowels, dowel nails and anchors, chemical anchors, construction forgings, angles, hole plates and strips. Cables, chains, shackles and carbines.