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Address:Mellužu 19-1, Rīga , LV-1067
Phone: +371 67418810
+371 27880094
Fax:+371 67418810
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  • Sat 1000-1800
  • Sun 1000-1600

The joint project "Mēbeļu outlets Gigant" is an association of manufacturers and distributors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The goal of the project is to offer furniture and other household goods from all around the Baltic States at extremely competitive prices. We maintain direct cooperation with manufacturers, therefore the prices of our products are way more competitive than those offered by other retailers; apart from that, the product range is exceptionally broad. 

Skatīt "Mēbeļu outlets GIGANT, Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību", juridisko informāciju. 40103182218
Legal address: Rīga, Mellužu iela 19 - 1, LV1067
Founded: 23.07.2008
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