Ehitus- ja remondimaterjalid, Ehituskeemia, Ehituskivid, Ehitusmaterjalid, Ehitusmaterjalide hulgimüük, Ehitusmaterjalide müük, Ehitusplaadid, Ehitusplokid, Hulgimüük, Katusekatted, Katusekattematerjalid, Korstnad, Tänavakivid


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  • Mellužu 17-1, Rīga, LV-1067

    +371 29250637
    Archive rollers, Bar Appliances, Basket racks, Cash register tables, Catering company apparatus and supplies, Catering company equipment, Clothing shop furnishings, Commercial equipment, Counter tables, Food industry machinery and equipments, Food store equipping, Frost appliances, Furnishing, Furnishings of pubs, Furniture, Furniture on special order, Furniture ordering, Furniture producing, Kitchen furnishings, Kitchen furniture, Selling stands, Service- and trading technology, Shop iterior, Show cases, Staircase manufacturing, Stairs, Store appliances, Store cooling technology, Warehouse furnishings, Warehouse furnishings, Winding stairs, Wrehouse shelves
  • Cēsu 20, Rīga, LV-1012

    +371 67274201
    Bathroom furniture, Bedroom furniture, Beds, Book shelves, Bureaus, Cabinets, Children´s furniture, Design, Furnishing, Furniture, Furniture design, Furniture on special order, Furniture selling, Home lightings, House furniture, Interior design, Kitchen furnishings, Kitchen furniture, Ladders, Lamps, Luminaires, Mattersses, Melamine, Office chairs, Office furniture, Shelves, Shower stalls, Stairs, Tabletops
  • Dammes 46a , Rīga, LV-1069

    +371 67414403
    Contact lenses, Eye check, Eye doctors, Eye researches, Eyewear making, Eyewear stores, Glasses; spectacles; eye glasses, Lenses, Optical glasses, Optics apparatus, Optics goods, Optics store, Optometrist, Reading glasses, Sight control, Spectacle frames, Spectacle maintenance supplies, Sun glasses
  • Alberta 1-6a, Rīga, LV-1010

    +371 67333049
    Accessories, Alcoholic drinks, Bars-Pubs, Beer, Commerce, Gifts, Presents, Tobacco products
  • Mērnieku 11, Rūjiena, LV4240

    +371 28630089
    Carpenters work, Carpentry work, Furnishing, Furniture, Furniture design, Furniture ordering, Kitchen furnishings, Kitchen furniture, Sliding doors, Sliding systems
  • Brīvības 75-180, Rīga, LV-1001

    +371 20222276
    Admission tickets, Artificial flowers, Barrier systems, Business presents; business gifts, Carpet for Rent, Carpetings, Decorating, Decorations, Decorative fabrics, Earplugs, Fabrics, Furnishing textiles, Gift cards, Plastic cards, Presentation supplies, Room decorating, Ship technology rental, Sound and light equipment, Stage platforms, Stage rental, Stage technology, Stages, Tresspass systems, Wedding styling
  • Meža 2, Limbaži, LV-4001, Limbažu nov.

    +371 64070180
    Barriers of fences, Baulks, Export, Fences; railings, Fir sawtimber purchase, Greenhouses, Ground boards, Planing material selling, Planing materials, Roof trusses, Sawn timber, Sawn timber export, Timber material, Wood handling, Wood handling equipmence, Wood surfacing, Wooden fences, Wooden framework building, Wooden terraces
  • Sporta iela 13, Rīga, LV-1011

    +371 27750100
    Brake fluid, Brake fluid, Car cemicals, Commerce, Coolants, Hydraulics oils, Lubricant retail and wholetrade, Lubricants, Motor olils, Oli wholetrade, Olis, Retail sale, Special lubes, Transmission olis, Wholesale
  • Zeltiņu 130, Mārupe, LV-2167, Mārupes nov.

    +371 67408383
    Building constructions, Construction vehicles and machines, Crane rental, Demolition services, Export, Halls, Hangar installation, Metal construction emplacement, Metal construction installation, Metal construction producing, Metal constructions, Metal handrails, Metal one beam staicases, Metalworking, Production of building materials, Project managing, Road building machinery rental
  • K.Barona 130 k.10 , Rīga, LV-1012

    +371 28877188
    Commerce, Doors, Fire proof doors, Front doors, Garage gates, Metal doors, PVC doors, PVC windows, Producing, Roller blinds, Sun blinds, Vertical blinds, Windows and doors
  • Krustiņi, Inciems, LV2145, Krimuldas pag. Krimuldas nov.

    +371 26545879
    Bouquets, Flower growing, Flower selling, Gardening farms, Gardening; horticulture, Herbs, Herbs, Ornamental plants, Plant growing, Seedlings, Summer flowers, Young plant selling
  • Mazā Rencēnu 10, Rīga, LV-1073

    +371 29484810
    Door emplacement, Door lock emplacement, Door projecting, Doors, Fences; railings, Fire proof doors, Fireguard windows, Gates, Iron goods, Keys, Locks, Making winows, Manufacturing of windows, Metal constructions, Metal doors, Metal grids, Metal products, Metal products on order, Metal profile works, PVC windows, Plastic doors, Plastic windows, Steel doors, Windows, Windows and doors, Windowsills
  • Pasta iela 10, LV-3139, Tumes pag., Tukuma nov.

    +371 29494536
    Agricultural goods, Agricultural producers, Alcoholic drinks, Farming tourism, Fruit and vegetble growing, Groceries, Production of alcoholc drinks, Tourism, Vine
  • Lielā 24-29 , Jelgava , LV-3001

    +371 25904905
    Apartement moving, Car repair, Carriage services, Freight handling services, Fuel retail sale, Fuels, International car carriage, International carriage of goods, International moving services, International passanger carriage, Loading Services, Move service, Moving services, Moving truck rental, Office moving, Passenger carriage, Piano transporting, Safe transportation, Small ferrying, Special sized carriages, Starters, Trailer rental, Trailers, Transport, Transportation service, Trucking, Tug services
  • Nameja 30-67, Jēkabpils, LV-5201

    +371 28688980
    Export, Firewood producing, Firewood sale, Pallets, Round beams, Sawmill chips, Shipment of wood chips, Timber material, Transportation service, Wood handling, Wooden cases, Wooden packaging, Wooden pallet producing and selling