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  • Lubānas 66, Rīga, LV-1035

    +371 67113040
    Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Diesel fuel, Export, Fuels, Heating materials trade, Liquid fuel wholetrade, Petroleum goods; petroleum outcomes, Tarmac roofs
  • Uzvaras 24, Bauska, LV-3901

    +371 29646628
    Antique furniture, Building and reconstruction works, Furniture restoration, Restoration, Restoration general contracting, Restoration of antique furniture, Restoration works
  • Atlasa 7a, Rīga, LV-1026

    +371 67796154
    Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Building insulation, Building of private houses, Building renovating, Concreteworks, Construction engineering rental, Construction of industrial buildings, Construction supervision, Energy auditing, Engineering companies, Facade heat engineering, Finishing works, Flat roof thermal insulation, Floor concreting, Frost - isolation works, Greenhouses, Halls, Insulationworks, Reconstruction projects, Temographical analysis, Thermal insulation, Thermography
  • Zolitūdes 23 (iebraukšana no Ēnas ielas), Rīga, LV-1029

    +371 29615618
    Area improvement, Automatic gates, Barriers of fences, Building and reconstruction works, Chainlink fence building, Concrete articles, Concrete construction elements, Concrete floor, Concrete products, Concrete stairs, Concreteworks, Fence posts; - poles, Fences; railings, Furniture for gardens, Gate emplacement, Gates, Park benches, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Railing emplacement, Remote controllable gates, Separation fences, Wooden fences
  • Stienes 2a, Rīga , LV-1026

    +371 67367535
    Building and reconstruction works, Building container rental, Building refuse cleaning, Construction vehicles and machines, Container rental, Demolition services, Derbis container rental, Derbis exportation, Excavator service, Metal construction dismounting, Metal constructions, Scaffolding installation and dismantling, Transportation service, Trash container emptying service
  • Lāčplēša 124, Rīga, LV-1003

    +371 26332271
    Electric - supply, Electric wiring, Electric works, Electrical equipment, Electrical installation works, Electricity measuring works, Electro - engineering works, Power line construction
  • Ulbrokas 42g, Rīga, LV-1021

    +371 28348222
    Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Partitions, Terraces
  • Rankas 13, Rīga, LV-1005

    +371 67381991
    Building and reconstruction works, Cleaning service, Cleaning services, Electro - engineering works, Elevator maintenance and repair, Engineering communications, Guard cleaning, Out door cleaning, Property management services, Registred immovable upkeep, Sanitary ware, Security service, Sewerage works, Spring cleaning service, Surveillance alarm emplacement and maintenance
  • Dzintaru 48, Ventspils, LV-3602

    +371 63661023
    Building and reconstruction works, Catwalks, Garbage cleaning from the streets, Project managing, Road building, Road building and maintenance, Road repairing, Water supply and sewerage, roads, sites
  • Jaunciema gatve 8, Rīga, LV-1024

    +371 67545676
    Baulks, Building and reconstruction works, Log cabins; Log houses, Woden constructoions, Wood handling
  • Raiņa 88, Talsi, LV-3201, Talsu nov.

    +371 29100586
    Building and reconstruction works, Building company, Building insulation, Building of private houses, Emplacement of windows, Facade heat engineering, Facade painting, Finishing works, Frontal coffers, General constructing, Insulationworks, Interior refinement, Piant jobs, Repair works, Roof building, Roof works and materials, Servicing of constructional object , Siding, Structural design
  • Krustpils 4, Rīga, LV-1073

    +371 28689689
    Building and reconstruction works, Car assistance , Concrete floor construction, Concreteworks, Floor concreting, Foundation works, Foundations, Hydro isolation materials, Insulationworks, Post groundwork making, Tug services
  • Gaidas 8, Valmiera, LV-4201

    +371 28624940
    Building and reconstruction works, Building company, Building work, Facade heat engineering, Facade reconstruction, Facade reparations, Facade works, Finishing works, Heating station engineering, Heating station maintenance, Heating stations, Heating system buildout, Heating systems, Heating systems design, Heating systems installation, Heating systems service, Heating technical works, Indoor repairing works, Sanitary ware, Sewage system construction, Sewer construction, Sewerage maintenance, Sewerage systems, Sewerage systems designing, Sewerage works, Ventilation appliance emplacement, Ventilation engineering, Ventilation system building, Ventilation system constructing, Ventilation system maintenance, Ventilation systems, Ventilation works, Warmth utility line building, Warmth utility lines, Water and sewerage inner network making, Water and sewerage outer network making, Water supply and sewerage system construction, Water supply and sewerage systems design
  • Pils 28, Ventspils, LV-3601

    +371 63624697
    Building and reconstruction works, Building sites preparation, Demolition services, Derbis exportation, Municipal - and constructional waste transport, Out door cleaning
  • 18.novembra 105-416 , Daugavpils , LV-5404

    +371 65476160
    Building and reconstruction works, Construction vehicles and machines, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Soilworks