Ehitus- ja remondimaterjalid, Ehituskeemia, Ehituskivid, Ehitusmaterjalid, Ehitusmaterjalide hulgimüük, Ehitusmaterjalide müük, Ehitusplaadid, Ehitusplokid, Hulgimüük, Katusekatted, Katusekattematerjalid, Korstnad, Tänavakivid


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  • Priežlejas 1 (Rīga -Daugavpils šoseja 64km), LV-5022, Jumpravas pag., Lielvārdes nov.

    +371 26539686
    Currently closed
    Arboretums; forest schools, Berry bushes, Canebrake growing, Coniferous plants, Flower growing, Fruit trees, Gardening farms, Gardening; horticulture, Ornamental trees, Rose growing, Seedlings, Summer flowers, Young plant selling
  • Krustiņi, Inciems, LV2145, Krimuldas pag. Krimuldas nov.

    +371 26545879
    Currently closed
    Bouquets, Flower growing, Flower selling, Gardening farms, Gardening; horticulture, Herbs, Herbs, Ornamental plants, Plant growing, Seedlings, Summer flowers, Young plant selling
  • Pasta iela 10, LV-3139, Tumes pag., Tukuma nov.

    +371 29494536
    Agricultural goods, Agricultural producers, Alcoholic drinks, Farming tourism, Fruit and vegetble growing, Groceries, Production of alcoholc drinks, Tourism, Vine
  • Dakteru 28, 2. stāvs, Smiltene, LV-4729, Smiltenes nov.

    +371 26451186
    Deforestation services, Deforestation works, Fireplace wood, Firewood producing, Forest growing, Forest immovable purchasing, Forest maintenance, Forest management, Forest plants, Forest valuation, Heatingwood, Manufacture of fireplace wood, Reforestation works, Round beams, Standing timber purchasing, Stock growing , Tibmer purchasing, Timber material
  • Izstādes 4 , Priekuļi, LV-4126, Priekuļu nov.

    +371 64130466
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural goods, Agricultural machinery reserve parts, Agricultural suppplies, Agricultural technology, Concetrated fodder selling, Electric fence, Feeding apparatus, Filters, Fodder components, Internet selling, Livestock breeding, Milk coolers, Milking equpment, Rubber boots, Tractors
  • Bērzu iela 3, Auce , LV-3708, Auces nov.

    +371 29164185
    Class trips, Degustatingtables, Excursions organizing, Food additive, Health capsule, Organic farming
  • Atmodas 26, Aizpute, LV-3456, Aizputes nov.

    +371 63449079
    Currently closed
    Agricultural services, Agriculture, Baby goods, Bricks, Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Building company, Car maintenance and repair, Car service, Carriage services, Carservices, Children´s clothes, Chimneys, Deforestation services, Deforestation works, Doors, Dumper rental, Electrical installation works, Excavator works, Excavators, Finishing works, Fish breeding, Forest plants, General construction, General construction materials, Harvesting machinery, Heating systems, Household goods, Hydraulic shovel rental, Locks, Men´s clothing, Micro vans, Mini excavator - loader rental, Miniexcavator rental, Pack buses, Road construction machinery services, Roofs, Sanitary ware, Saws, Screws, Small home appliances, Stock growing , Strips, Tent trailers, Tiber exporting, Timber material, Tractors, Trailer carriage, Transport, Transportation service, Truck maintenance and repair, Trucks, Tyre selling, Water supply and sewerage, Wheel loader rental, Work footwear, Working clothes
  • Pērses 1, Vērdiņi, Baldones pag., LV-2125, Baldones nov.

    +371 26511114
    Area improvement, Burnishing maintenance, Dirt selling, Founding of burnishing, Garden engineering, Gardening; horticulture, Green area works, Hedge planting, High pressure cleaning works, Landscape designing, Landscaping, Landscaping Projects, Lawn establishing, Lawn mowing, Maintenance work, Nursery establishing, Pavement emplacement, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Replanting big trees, Road and site building, Seedlings, Snow cleaning, Snow towing, Styling of gardens, Tree cutting, Tree design cutting, Tree planting, Upkeeping of green areas, Young plant selling
  • Z/s Sprogas, LV-4301, Jaunalūksnes pag., Alūksnes nov.

    +371 29425883
    Currently closed
    Area improvement, Burnishing engineering, Canebrake growing, Christmas trees, Coniferous plants, Consultation on gardening, Gardening farms, Gardening; horticulture, Landscaping, Ornamental plants, Pot plants, Seedlings, Summer flower planting, Summer flowers, Young plant selling
  • Ausekļi, LV-5012, Krapes pag., Ogres nov.

    +371 65197414
    Agriculture, Animal buy up, Meat industry, Meat product wholetrade
  • Kadiķu 6, Sigulda , LV-2150, Siguldas nov.

    +371 67973534
    Currently closed
    Arboretums; forest schools, Area improvement, Canebrake growing, Coniferous plants, Founding of burnishing, Gardening farms, Gardening; horticulture, Green area works, Hedge planting, Maintenance work, Nursery establishing, Ornamental bushes, Ornamental plants, Ornamental trees, Outer landscaping, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Rose growing, Seedlings, Seeds, Young plant selling
  • Brīvības 156/1, Rīga, LV-1012

    +371 29987500
    Currently closed
    Animal care and washing, Animal clinics, Animal supplies, ECG - examination, Microchip emplacement, Pet dentistry, Small animal vaccination, Vaccination, Veterinarian home visits, Veterinarians, Veterinary, Veterinary pharmacy, Zoo goods
  • Slokas 134a (iebraukšana no Dammes ielas, Imanta), Rīga, LV-1069

    +371 67614568
    Currently closed
    Animal care and washing, Animal clinics, Cat food, Dog food, Pet goods, Small animal vaccination, Surgical treatment , Vaccination, Veterinarians, Veterinary, Veterinary medicines
  • Grantiņi 1, Kartona Fabrika 2 , LV- 4416, Rankas pag., Gulbenes nov.

    +371 29421759
    Deforestation services, Forest immovable purchasing, Forest management, Forest plants, Harvesters, Harvesting machinery, Round beams, Sawmill chips, Standing timber purchasing, Stock growing , Tiber exporting, Tibmer purchasing, Timber transporting, Tractors, Trailer carriage, Transportation service, trailers
  • Škiņči , LV-4642, Stoļerovas pag., Rēzeknes nov.

    +371 26405203
    Agricultural producers, Agricultural services, Grain seeds, Livestock breeding, Organic farming, Plants and industrial crops, Seedlings, Seeds