Ehitus- ja remondimaterjalid, Ehituskeemia, Ehituskivid, Ehitusmaterjalid, Ehitusmaterjalide hulgimüük, Ehitusmaterjalide müük, Ehitusplaadid, Ehitusplokid, Hulgimüük, Katusekatted, Katusekattematerjalid, Korstnad, Tänavakivid


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  • Livdānu 8, Aglona, LV-5304 , Aglonas pag., Aglonas nov.

    +371 29516113
    Farming tourism, Guest Houses, Sauna, The whole family vacations, Tourism and Holiday
  • Padomi , LV-5101, Aizkraukles pag., Aizkraukles nov.

    +371 26182772
    Accommodation, Boat rental, Farming tourism, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Pool, Sauna, Sauna with pool, Seminar halls, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding party
  • Bramaņi, LV-3145, Jaunpils pag., Jaunpils nov.

    +371 26461975
    Accommodation, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Sauna, Tourism and Holiday
  • K.Barona 7-9, Rīga, LV-1050

    +371 67285901
    Currently open
    Active tourism, Air tours, Arranging conference , Business trip, Conference arranging, Cultural trips, Fair tourism, Farming tourism, Holiday trips, Hotel reservations, Hunting tourism, Inner tourism, One way car rental, Ship travels, Ski trips, Sporting tourism, Tickets, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Tourist services, Travel agencies, Travel insurance, Travel organizing, Trips abroad, Under water tourism, Voyage boats, Voyages for groups, Wedding party
  • Eglieni, LV-3717, Jaunbērzes pag., Dobeles nov.

    +371 29537991
    Accommodation, Ball room rental, Cafes; cafeterias; coffee shops, Catering, Farming tourism, Fire room, Fishing, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Party catering, Place for sporting events, Pubs; taverns, Rest houses, Sauna, Sauna, Sports ground, The whole family vacations, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding caterers, Wedding party, Wedding servicing
  • Zemturi, LV-4108, Līgatnes pag., Līgatnes nov.

    +371 26522841
    Active tourism, Ball room rental, Basketball, Camping grounds, Farming tourism, Fishing, Guest Houses, Party catering, Place for sporting events, Rest houses, Sauna, Sports ground, The whole family vacations, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Volley ball
  • Amatnieki , Kroņauce, LV-3714, Tērvetes pag., Tērvetes nov.

    +371 29276982
    Farming tourism
  • Pilsmuižkungi, Code, LV-3910, Codes pag., Bauskas nov.

    +371 29548071
    Farming tourism
  • Madelāni, LV-5304, Aglonas pag., Aglonas nov.

    +371 26463455
    Farming tourism
  • Avoti, LV-3626, Jūrkalnes pag., Ventspils nov.

    +371 28320219
    Farming tourism
  • Driģenes, Pilskalnes pag., LV-5447, Ilūkstes nov

    +371 65462296
    Farming tourism
  • Jaun-Ieviņas , LV-4131, Raunas pag., Raunas nov.

    +371 29495146
    Farming tourism
  • Jaunbomji, LV-4215, Skaņkalnes pag., Mazsalacas nov.

    +371 26464138
    Farming tourism
  • Kalnmalas , LV-3260, Ārlavas pag., Talsu nov.

    +371 26416010
    Farming tourism
  • Strautnieki, LV-4847, Aronas pag., Madonas nov.

    +371 29144465
    Farming tourism