Beams, Building constructions, Engineering works, Girders, Producing, Roof constructions, Separation beams, Woden constructoions, Wood handling, Wooden constructional details, Wooden framework building, Wooden roofs


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  • Nameja 30-67, Jēkabpils, LV-5201

    +371 28688980
    Export, Firewood producing, Firewood sale, Pallets, Round beams, Sawmill chips, Shipment of wood chips, Timber material, Transportation service, Wood handling, Wooden cases, Wooden packaging, Wooden pallet producing and selling
  • Mēmeles 3C, Bauska, LV-3901, Bauskas nov.

    +371 29418559
    Accommodation, Bulk materials sales, Carriage services, Dirt selling, Dormatories, Freight transport on trucks, Grvelflitstone selling, Holiday accommodation, Hotels, International carriage of goods, Shipment of wood chips, Transportation service, Truck service
  • Rīga, Vidzeme, Pierīga, Kurzeme

    +371 20266011
    Bushwood cutting, Bushwood deforestation, Sawmill chips, Shipment of wood chips, Wood choppers, Wood handling
  • Vienības 76a-9, Kārsava, LV-5717, Kārsavas nov.

    +371 65733805
    Shipment of wood chips
  • Riekstiņi, LV-3129, Smārdes pag., Engures nov.

    +371 29458700
    Shipment of wood chips