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Moss Stop is a series of anti-moss agents, which successfully and maximally effectively allows getting free from growth of moss and algae on roofs, walls, facades, fences, pathways, garden furniture, and family monuments and different other places, which are affected by the problem.

ANTS - STOP - the product is intended to deter ants from terraces, balconies, cobblestone and other places. The product affects all types of ants: black, Argentine, the pharaoh ants and their nests. It does not accumulate on the treated surface and therefore is not dangerous for pets.

Stopper is a comfortable, compact and effective solution to fix windows and doors in the desirable position for you. The latch is designed for all types of door and window frames, providing a stable fixation, ventilation and avoids possibility of rapid slamming of doors and windows and at the same time protects you from injuries.

RIDGE VENTILATION - Ridge ventilation is the most effective solution, because the roof is ventilated to the very crest of the roof and there does not form air pockets, which usually do not provide sufficient air flow

Shelving system RAIVO – comfortable, compact and practical way to store footwear and household items in rooms of any size!

Capillary hook - capillary watering pipes (16mm) fixation from one side and on the other side fixation for films or sieves 

MAGNETS - We offer magnets in different themes, which are characterized by comfortable and multiple possibilities of use, elegant design and compact size. These magnets are made in Latvia, we have developed their design. We provide a possibility to order magnets with individual design, adapted to clients’ wishes and needs – for company promotional logos and trade mark prints, as well clients may choose to print on the magnets their desired photos or to order individualized inscriptions, texts, dictums, wishes on the magnets.