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  • Ganību dambis 7a, Rīga, LV-1045

    +371 80003334
    Elevator break downs, Elevator building, Elevator emplacement, Elevator maintenance and repair, Elevators, Escalator building, Escalator maintenance, Escalators, Excavator service, Hoisting apparatus producing, Hoisting mechanism
  • Urgas, Ikšķile, LV-5052 , Ikšķiles nov.

    +371 29553175
    Compressors, Drainage pipe emplacement, Engineering communications, Heating system buildout, Heating system repairing, Heating systems, Heating systems installation, Heating systems service, Producing, Pumping plants, Rainwater systems, Sewage system construction, Sewerage systems designing, Sewerage works, Wastewater treatment systems, Water supply and sewerage, Water supply and sewerage system construction, Water supply systems
  • Vietalvas 1D, Rīga, LV-1009

    +371 67312331
    Cardboard packaging, Conveyor bands, Corrugated paper packages, Foods wrappings, Labeller, Marking and bar code technique, Package, Packing, Packing apparatus, Packing foil, Packing materials, Packing supplies, Plastic packaging, Softening foil, Tapes, Throaway dishes, Vacume packing apparatus
  • Rīgas 38, Valmiera, LV-4201

    +371 64222718
    Chimney pipes, Chimney sweepers, Chimneys, Fire alarm signalisation emplacement, Fire alarms, Fire fighting apparatus and equipment, Fire fighting surveillance system sale, Fire-extinguisher maintenance, Fire-extinguishers, Heating systems service, Hoses, Lightning apparatus, Lightning arrester, Lightning arrester systems, Machinery and equipments, Smoke effluent systems, Smoke pipes, Ventilation appliance selling, Ventilation appliances, Ventilation equipment, Ventilation supplies
  • Stacijas 3a, Valmiera, LV-4201

    +371 64281177
    Alarm appliances, Burglar alarm and surveillance apparatus, Fire alarm signalisation emplacement, Fire alarm signalisation engineering, Fire alarm systems maintenance , Fire protection supplies, Fire protection work implementation, Fireguards works, Manned surveillance, Safety supplies; security supplies, Security service, Surveillance alarm emplacement and maintenance, Surveillance alarms, Surveillance system engineering, Surveillance systems, Technical surveillance, Tresspass systems, Video surveillance supplies
  • F.Sadovņikova 21, Rīga, LV-1003

    +371 26133344
    Alarm appliances, Associations, Bodyguard, Burglar alarm and surveillance apparatus, Fire alarms, Foundations, Home surveillance, Manned surveillance, Personal training, Schooling; tuition; training, Security service, Surveillance alarm emplacement and maintenance, Surveillance alarms, Surveillance systems, Technical surveillance, Video surveillance supplies
  • Kalnciema 197b, Rīga, LV-1046

    +371 67625272
    Archive cupboards, Archive furniture, Archive rollers, Boxes, Cabinet systems, Carpets and carpeting, Coat racks, Coathangers; dresshangers, Davenport table, Dining room furniture, Dressing room cases, Fire case sale, Household goods, In warehouse forklifts, Libra, Metal cases; metal cabinets, Metal closets, Metal furniture, Metal one beam staicases, Metal shelves, Office chairs, Office furniture, Office supplies, Ornamental plants, Roclas, School furnishings, Shelves, Stairs, Tables, Warehouse appliances, Warehouse furnishings, Warehouse shelve systems, Wrehouse shelves
  • "Vejziedi" 5, Stopinu reg, LV 2130, LATVIA

    +371 29272731
    Flexible cables, Bare conductors, Cable producing, Cables, Computer cables, Data communication cables, Electric circuit, Fibre optical cameras, Rubber cables, Wire production, Wires
  • Cesvaines 17, Rīga, LV-1073

    +371 67139741
    Bedpans; valves, Cable casing tubes, Caldrons, Central heating caldron, Compressors, Copper pipes, Deep injections, Electrical materials, Filters, Fuel pumps, Ground geating, Heating installations, Heating pipes, Heating pumps, Heating systems, High pressure pumps, Of culvert pipes , Pressure pipes, Pump selling, Pumping stations, Pumps, Radiator heating, Radiators, Reducers, Steel pipes, Thin walled pipes, Tubes, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation warmth pumps, Waste water pumping plants, Water pumps, Water purification filters, Water supply and sewerage, Watter appliances, Welding appliances, Welding electrodes, Welding requisites
  • Ulbrokas 19a, Rīga, LV-1021

    +371 67529930
    Antenna requisites, Cable television, Cable television network, Cables, Communication network, Computer network, Data transmission network, Electrical materials, Electronic equipment and components, Filters, Grid; electrical system, Internet networks, Measuring appliances, Measuring instruments, SAT antennas, TV antennas, The antenna systems, WIFI broadcast area, Warehouse services, Weak-current electric circuits
  • Silva 23, LV-4729, Launkalnes pag., Smiltenes nov.

    +371 64773212
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural machinery reserve parts, Agricultural technology, Dirt milling machines, Dirt sifting machines, Dirt work machines, Forest technology, Grain driers, Grain dryers, Grain usage machines, Grain warehouses, IR heating elements, Mowers, Plought reserve parts, Public maintenance machinery, Snow ploughs, Tractor repair, Tractor reserve parts, Tractors, Wood choppers
  • Maskavas 456A, Rīga, LV-1063

    +371 67501262
    Bioheatingbolers, Boilers, Caldrons, Central heating caldron, Cole caldrons, Electric boilers, Gas caldrons, Heating boilers with granules, Heating installations, Heating meters, Heating system buildout, Heating systems, Heating technical appaaratus appliance, Liquid heating caldrons, Solid fuel boilers, Sun batteries, Sun boilers, Sun heating apparatus, Warmth energetics apparatus, Warmth supplying, Water boilers, Water filters
  • Gramzdas 90, Rīga, LV-1029

    +371 67441180
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural technology, Cleaning technology, Dirt milling machines, Dirt sifting machine rental, Dirt sifting machines, Dirt work machine rental, Dirt work machines, Grain usage machines, Harvesters, Harvesting machinery, Machinery and equipments, Mowers, Public maintenance machinery, Public technology rental, Tractor rental, Tractor reserve parts, Tractors, Trailer rental, Trailers and semi - trailers
  • Vestienas 2, Rīga, LV-1035

    +371 67590051
    Abrasive, Abrasive appliances, Automising welding, CNC appliances, CNC millingmachine, Carbonated water apparatus, Generators, Laser cutting, Metal cut surface tools, Metal refining apparatus, Metal refining supplies, Metal rehashing, Metalwork benches, Plastic cutting apparatus, Pumps, TIG - welding, Welding appliance repairing, Welding appliances, Welding electrodes, Welding gases, Welding masks, Welding materials, Welding requisites, Welding wire, Working benches, abrasive materials
  • Lauktehnika, Rītausmas, LV-3901, Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov.

    +371 63960616
    Agricultural apparatus and machinery, Agricultural machinery reserve parts, Agricultural suppplies, Agricultural technology, Agricultural tyres, Conveyor bands, Dirt milling machines, Dirt sifting machines, Dirt work machines, Farm equipment, Grain driers, Grain usage machines, Mine machines, Mowers, Plought reserve parts, Public maintenance machinery, Tractor reserve parts, Tractor tyres, Tractors